Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bento Boxes & Funky Lunches

[Ok, I couldn't resist posting this when I stumbled upon it. Maybe my "break" from posting is over!]

Are your kids bored with lunch? Picky eaters bored with food in general? Check out these awesome sandwich creations by Funky Lunch. They took the ordinary lunchtime sandwich and made them into these fun works of art in an effort to encourage kids to eat. I think my picky nephew would love the Mater from Cars sandwich!These fun lunches reminded me of the adorable and super healthy school lunch Sally of Shim+Sons put together for her kindergartner. I love the bunny-shaped pb+j sandwiches and the star-shaped cheese! Can you make my lunch too, Sally?? =)
Ohh, looks like she used one of these laptop lunchboxes. Their website has a whole photo gallery of laptop lunches. How fun!


  1. so cute and what a yummy way to be creative! the new york times did an article in september:

    hope you're feeling bette!

  2. AH! those sandwiches are so cute!