Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A bag + a tag

Bag & Tag

I was tagged by Jen of Craftiness Now to show off the contents of my bag. So here goes...

1. Handbag — Lately, I've been carrying around my yellow The Sak shoulder bag.
2. Water bottle — I've always gotta have a water bottle. When Sigg had that BPA recall last year, I traded in my cute bottle for this not-so-cute one. :(
3. Ralph Lauren outlet makeup bag
4. Banana Republic Wallet — it has 2 snap pocket compartments in the front for cards. They make it so easy to get my cards out.
5 & 6. Tissue and hand wipes: 2 must-haves
7. iPhone — I switched to a smartphone last year. I don't think I can ever go back to a regular phone. It's soooo convenient!
8. Prescriptives compact
9. Advil for my many headaches
10. Hand cream — I have a new found love for Eucerin and Aquaphor (not shown). They're so moisturizing!
11. Lip balm — Target petroleum jelly for my lip balm addiction. Seriously cannot live without some sort of lip balm.
12. Tide pen for those annoying stains
13. Lorac Gloss Stick in Berry. I can't find this at Sephora anymore! I was so happy when I discovered this gloss a few years ago. It looks and works like a chap stick, but with a hint of color. Lip glosses are usually sticky. The Lorac gloss stick is very moisturizing. I'm so glad I bought a 2nd stick just in case cuz I think it's discontinued.

To continue the fun, I tag Truly Smitten, The Good Life for Less, Christine Han Photography, Shim + Sons.


  1. yay i love seeing the contents of other blogger's bags, hehe! love your yellow bag and the fun water bottle!

  2. thanks for the tag! Have a great time on your trip and we'll catch up when you return :)

  3. Fun! I'll try to post mine this week! Thank you for tagging me! :)

  4. Love the yellow bag, it screams "SPRING!!" And I can't live w/o Aquaphor, I think I have one in every coat pocket and purse (I get them for free :)

  5. fun, thanks for joining! sorry to hear about your headaches, hope you're not having one today :-)

  6. hi! thanks for tagging me. have a wonderful time in korea!