Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Summer Must-Do: Stove-Top Clambake

I discovered stove-top clambakes in this July's issue of Martha Stewart Living. I vaguely remember my friend having a family clambake a few summers ago, but I never gave it much thought. Then I saw the mouth-watering photos in my MS magazine, and thought it would make a brilliant summer get-together. I showed the pictures to the hubs and he was sold! We would love to have a clambake before summer's end. Mmm...doesn't it look wonderful?

Summer Must-Do: Stove-Top Clambake

I searched everywhere on MS's website for their clambake photos and recipe, but they were nowhere to be found. So I found these online. The Lobster Pot and adorable Butter Warmer/Lobster Bucket/Chowder Bowl can be found here and here. Have you ever been to or hosted a clambake before??


  1. Nick and I are obsessed about clam bakes! But the REAL clam bakes are the ones you usually find in the east coast where they do it at a beach by digging a whole in a sand, fill it with piping hot rocks, and layering it with seaweed and damp burlap - YUM! We want to host a beach clam bake one would be so dreamy to live off the coast of nantucket or martha's vineyard - sigh!

  2. i love love this idea so much! and Truly Smitten's party sounds amazing :-)

    i think this might be what you're looking for maybe?

  3. you're awesome! Thanks for finding that link, Jen!