Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Currently Searching For...New Shower Curtains

Since we won't be remodeling our master bathroom anytime time soon, something needs to be done to spice it up. I'm tired of the neutral brown palette I have going on. It's starting to look drab to me. I need some C O L O R (any bit of color) in there. Hmm...I would like to venture out of the neutral zone, but it can't be too girly. Let's see what I can find online... [click on images for links]

[Crate & Barrel]

[Bed Bath & Beyond]
The C&B ones might be a bit too much color. The CB2 and BB&B curtains have potential. The minimalist gray branches might be a little too minimal. I'll have to buy some yellow towels or something. Eh...too much work. The citrus yellow one from BB&B is my favorite out of these so far. I'm gonna have to see them in person. Maybe they're still too...white? I haven't seen any on Etsy or West Elm. Do you know of any other places with nice shower curtains? Please help!


  1. Michael got his shower curtain from BB&B, it was a huge splurge on a DKNY. But it was well worth the money. We love it.

  2. hi! maybe something like this if you buy yellow towels:


    this is probably too "busy", but similar colors:


    or something more chill?


    good luck!!

  3. ooh...i like the 1st one from gracious home. thanks for finding these for me, Jen! that was so sweet of you!