Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Traveling with Twins

In a couple of weekends, our little family is going on our first airplane trip together.  I was stressing a few nights ago and couldn't sleep for the life of me!  There are just so many logistical details you have to consider when you have little ones...especially twins.  Like...how are we going to manage pushing 2 strollers and our luggage when we arrive at the airport?  We each push a stroller and pull a suitcase??  Our solution?  Curbside check-in!  Problem solved.  But then what do we do when we arrive at our destination and have to get our rental car?  We'll probably have to take a shuttle bus to the rental car terminal.  We still run into the same problem.  Haha...oh the headaches.  We'll figure something out...  Wish us luck!

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