Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Mile-High Adventure Theme Bridal Shower

Just a quick post... (a post for my SIL's wedding invitation to come soon!) 
I had the pleasure of designing my SIL's bridal shower invitation and co-hosting her shower last weekend. One of her other BM's came up w/ this clever theme for the party.  It was perfect for the SIL since her wedding will be in Denver, and she and the fianc√© have a love for traveling. We carried the theme further by taking a Trapeze Class with all the guests after the shower!

Coming up with a way to incorporate the theme into something tangible was a little tricky.  I brainstormed a bunch of different ideas (hot air balloons? love is in the air? swings?) And finally settled on a cloud theme. As I was at the party store looking for inspiration on how to make a backdrop, my eyes landed on the paper plates. I'd remembered seeing a party on Hostess With the Mostess with a backdrop made out of paper plates. Genius!! Pinterest and I became best friends as I was planning this party. I found the idea to use a cloud paper punch for the cupcake toppers and straw toppers (not pictured) on Pinterest. A cute and quick way to continue the cloud theme. Quick being the operative word for this momma of twins! I'm so pleased with the way things turned out!


  1. Love the backdrop! can I share these in the blog? So cute!

  2. So beautiful! You are sooo creative!