Monday, May 18, 2009

Daydreaming of...

...soft sand under my feet and a warm breeze blowing through palm trees.. Sadly, Chicago has neither. I'll settle for these beautiful goodies from Anthropologie. Bright, sunny yellow paired with blue or gray make the perfect combination for a spring day. (Aren't the chandelier earrings gorgeous??)


  1. hi cindy! this is jessie. i came across your site from your gchat. you are so artsy. are you done with school? will you open up your own design business, because i would hire you. do you own the dresses in this posting? because i could see you in both of them. you also sound like an accomplished chef from the dinner you described making for your parents. well done! talk to you lates! thanks for entertaining me for part of my day, please update more! love JESSIE