Monday, October 5, 2009

Halloween cookies

I was catching up on my Google Reader and saw the most creative Halloween cookies on Bakerella's blog. I just had to show you guys! She took on a challenge to create a Halloween treat using cereal. Can you guess what cereal she used? You get a better look in the 2nd picture.
Do you give up? She used green and orange Trix for the spiders! They are Double Chocolate Chunk cookies with chocolate and vanilla frosting spider webs. They look so fun! I wanna try to make them. Gosh, I want to host a Halloween party just so I can show off my 'One Charming Party' Halloween banner and make fun treats and decorations! Haha.


  1. you said it! i'm putting "cindy's halloween party" down in my google calendar!!! larry has a riduclous costume idea he would love to show off i'm sure.

  2. a halloween party does sound terrific! I can't wait to do that one day too