Monday, October 5, 2009

A lovely lavendar baby shower

Kyu and I hosted Sam + Kyoung-hee's baby shower yesterday. Here are some of the paper goods I made for the party. I also made some cupcake toppers. I'll post them later with the other decorations. I was running around all day, so I didn't get a chance to take too many pictures during the party. Hopefully, some other people did and can give me some of their photos! I added 'Thank You' tags for the game prizes and the Rice Krispy Treat goodie bags. I made paper "flowers" and put them in white Ikea vases to flank the mini diaper cake. The paper flower ornaments I made were taken from the How About Orange blog. It was such a clever idea, and they were a super quick and easy project to make!


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  2. very nice cindy!!! how did you cut the circles for the flowers? they are circles right? on the last picture, by the diaper cake, they look like they have sides/corners. must be the pictures... nice job! :)

  3. great job! everything looks fantastic!