Thursday, August 26, 2010

Japanese Masking Tape

Japanese masking tape has been all the rage this year. I was so excited to go Korea this past spring because I thought I'd be able to find them there. But to my disappointment, I was only able to find one store that carried them. And they didn't have any patterns/colors that I liked.

I'd almost forgotten all about them until I was perusing the Inchmark blog the other day. Brooke made the sweetest present for her husband's birthday using Japanese tape.
Aren't the tapes sooo pretty? What's preventing me from ordering some for myself is my indecisiveness. There are just too many different colors and patterns to choose from! What a dilemma...

happy tape
Nothing Elegant
Look at all the cute and easy ways to use the washi tapes. Ohh...the possibilities!
Whisker GraphicsProject Wedding
mint design

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