Thursday, August 25, 2011

Babymoon Part 1: Montreal

The husband and I traveled to Montreal and Toronto last weekend with a couple of friends. Have you ever heard of Porter Airlines? They're a small, new airline with the best service ever! We were given these small snack boxes on our 1.5 hour flight to Toronto. It contained Activia yogurt and a mini packaged banana bread. Yum! Then we had a short layover in which we stayed in their uber nice "lounge" that had free wi-fi and access to Mac computers and FREE snacks, beverages and Starbucks coffee. On our second leg to Montreal, they gave us another snack box w/ tiny lunch sandwiches for the 50 min ride. Aren't they awesome? Hehe...just give me free food and I'm all good!

We spent the rest of the day exploring the city near our hotel downtown and the Old Montreal area. Montreal totally felt like a European city. Most people spoke French and all signs were in French too!
[Old Montreal]


  1. Looks totally like France! Nick and I must go for sure soon!

  2. i've always wanted to visit montreal ~ and this airline sounds fantastic! these are cute pictures haha! and congratulations to you on the 2 girls, you're so lucky!
    xx ~ k

  3. awww a babymoon, how sweet? my hubby and i are sorta taking one in california this weekend! we'll also be visiting my baby niece who is being born this week!!

  4. An airline that doesn't suck?? I think you've found the holy grail, and that food packaging is ADORABLE. Montreal is such a beautiful city!