Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Recap

I can't believe it's already August and the summer is almost over. I'm rather enjoying the cooler weather we've been having the past couple days. It sure beats the unbearable heat and humidity we've had ALL last month. Just wanted to do a quick photo recap of my summer with our friends and family. There's been lots of get togethers and meals shared. This is what I love about living in the city. :)

Huge family reunion in Dallas for my cousin, Lani's wedding

Had my girlfriends and their boys over for lunch + play. That night I slept 12 hrs!

Met up with some friends and their kids for brunch at Lula Cafe.

Posed in front of the posh + elegant Elysian Hotel with Sarah
Brunched at Milk + Honey with Charlene, Grace, & Sarah

Dined at Francesca's Forno with W+C+baby


  1. Don't you just love weddings?! They bring together friends and family.
    I have a dress in my cart on ebay of that same color blue you were wearing. LOVE it!

  2. Yay, glad I made it onto your recap :)