Friday, September 23, 2011

Nursery Inspiration

Since our master bath remodel is finally finished (well, we still need to paint the walls), I can finally start thinking about putting together our nursery!

I love, love, love everything about this part of this nursery. The colors, the Anthropologie coral knobs, the Ikea drawers, the spray painted thrift store frames, and the framed fabric art. I'm definitely taking a bunch of ideas from here!

Isn't the bold, chevron striped wall just FABULOUS?? I was initially going to go with a yellow, and gray color scheme like this, but when I found out we were having girls, I just had to throw in some pink!

I would like to get this low Ikea shelf to put under our window too. Now I can make the curtains a bit shorter. Shorter = less fabric and less work. I like the sound of that!

I like how perfectly those baskets fit into the Ikea shelf. Should I go w/ baskets or the drawers and knobs in the 1st picture??

This was one of the first things I bought for the nursery. They didn't have yellow and gray would've been too drab. So that's how aqua entered into the color scheme! I'm gonna paint the walls a light gray (like in the 1st image) w/ yellow & white patterned curtains, and this aqua chevron rug. Sprinkle in a little pink here and there and that's that!

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