Wednesday, October 5, 2011

iPhone Photo Update

<< This was taken a couple weeks ago at 24 weeks. I had a doctor's appt 
a few days later, and all is well with the babies.  I was measuring 27 weeks.  :) 
Trying to see things below the belly has been increasingly difficult.  Hehe. >>
<< Pretty b i r t h d a y flowers from the husband >>
 << Delicious chocolate croissants from Trader Joe's >>
 << Choosing paint colors was harder than I thought it would be. 
But we're done now! I'm loving the new paint colors. >>
 << The husband insisted on buying this adorably cute, PINK blanket from Target.  
Who would've thought he'd be the one pushing for more pink?! cute. >>


  1. You're giving me mommy fever, ahah! So happy everything is going so well :)

  2. i LOVE stripes on pregnant girls. your belly looks so cute.

    and i have to try these chocolate croissants! they look ammmazing!


  3. eee soo exciting!! love your belly pic!!