Monday, October 17, 2011

iPhone Photo Wknd Update {week 27}

We finally bought & built the cribs for the nursery.  The husband assembled the bookshelf & dresser a couple weeks ago.  Now all we're waiting for is the glider!  Well...I still need to make the curtains and decorate the room. The room is definitely coming along!
We had Friday dinner at our friends' house. Don't you just love her ruffly butt?
Our nephew, Isaac, saying "cheeeese!"
Here's the husband practicing wearing the Ergo with our friends' baby, Miles.
On Saturday, we had a baby shower with the husband's family.


  1. These photos are all so cute! You guys must be over the moon!

  2. awww yay baby shower!! so exciting!! i just had 2 in the past few weeks as well! u look beautiful!!