Tuesday, May 8, 2012

baby bump photos...finally completed!

Bump photos

It's hard to believe I was once so BIG! I must say I wasn't one of those women who loved being pregnant.  I was ridiculously uncomfortable throughout most of it.  The first 4 months involved daily migraines and vomiting.  It became much better after the retching stopped, but then an onslaught of other pains and pregnancy-related symptoms began.  Yuck! But that's all over and done with.  Phew!

The very last photo was taken right before I left for the hospital.  Hence the tired face and poor lighting.  I'd just taken a shower and was waiting for the husband to hurry home from work.

It's fun to look back at the progression. It's amazing how the body changes. I would definitely recommend taking regular photos of your baby bump.

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  1. awww love this!! it is fun to look back on pregnancy! feels SOO long ago! hahha