Monday, April 12, 2010

I Love Korean Air

Flying on an Asian airline is the way to travel. Back in 2002, I flew to Japan (I forget which airline..oops) but it was an awesome experience. I remember being overjoyed by the personal tv screens and the delicious meals (imagine finger sandwiches for a mid-flight snack!) So I was extremely excited to go on my trip to Korea. When you step aboard the huge 747, you're greeted by the attractive, Korean Air flight attendants. I loved their smart-looking uniforms with the stiff scarf and unique hair pin. I felt too stalker-ish to try to take a picture of them, so here are a few pics I found online.
[found via flickr]
Their service was impeccable. Unlike the airlines I've flown in the US, I never saw the flight attendants sitting around chatting with each other. Every few hours, they'd serve drinks, a meal or a snack. On the flight there, we sat near the station where they prepped the food and drinks. I was so excited when the delicious smells of food wafted through the plane. Mmm... there was always a choice of a Korean or Western meal. K and I always got one of each. Here's the chicken and rice dinner I had (lunch was always bigger & more impressive for some reason.)
The personal tv screens provided hours of entertainment in 4 languages. There were about 20 (very recent) American movies to choose from. I saw 3 movies each way. I can totally understand why Korean Air was the winner of the World's Best Economy Class award. I was very satisfied with their service. :)


  1. You guys are so cute. Makes me want to go to Korea. :)

  2. yay, you're home!! wanna hear all about the trip!

  3. welcome home! glad u had a great trip, can't wait to see more. i agree: asian airlines are the best :-)

  4. I'm flying Korean Air from Washington DC area to Manila this week. So glad I found your site. Makes me even more excited now and less nervous about the long flight.

    What type of snacks and how often do they serve?