Thursday, April 15, 2010

You Know You're in Seoul When...(Part 1)

You find cool technology... I was seriously blown away by all the gadgets they had. Like this touch screen subway map. It works like Google Maps. Choose your start point and end point, and it'll tell you what lines and stops to take. There were a bunch of other functions too. It was extremely useful. We should have this in the States!The subway stations have these glass doors that open when the trains arrive. They installed them to prevent people from falling or jumping onto the tracks. What a smart idea. I'm always paranoid that some kid will get too close to the edge of the platform and fall down...or like that freak accident in Australia last year where a stroller rolled in front of an oncoming train! Oh, never will you find flat screen tv screens mounted like this here. (See top of photo.) Some punk kid will undoubtedly steal them. Haha.All SUVs and vans had these mirrors in the back. We couldn't figure out why they would need see inside?? We discovered that they're actually quite ingenious. It helps you with parallel parking! You can see the back bumper. Another nifty gadget I saw were the huge GPS's all the cabs had. It indicated their speed and when they go over the limit, the screen flashes and the voice says to slow down. Haha. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of them.

Next, I'll show you guys all the delicious, authentic food we had. Mmm... stay tuned!


  1. ohh that touchscreen subway map is soo neat, it's perfect for tourists!! and i totally need those mirrors to help me with parallel parking!

  2. wow that subway thing is cool. looks like a big ipad.

    yeah saw those glass doors in taipei too, those are awesome. we are quite behind in our technology and stuff. i even saw thailand had those flat walking platforms you see in airports but in thailand they were at the supermarket and went up/downstairs so you can just push your cart on there instead of those you see at multi-level Targets.

    oh yeah those rear mirrors. i first saw in my friend's prius a few years back. the screen shows in the dash. and the gps, yeah that was crazy that EVERY cab had them and some showed satellite TV on a small inset at the corner which is kinda dangerous i suppose.