Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You Know You're in Seoul When...(Part 2)

There's good food and bars aplenty! Apparently, Korean food in the motherland is significantly better than in Chicago. I suppose being Chinese is affecting my palette. =( I think the food here tastes just as good!

We ordered room service as our "fourthmeal" (as Taco Bell calls it) on our first day there. We woke up at 3:00am unable to go back to sleep and absolutely famished. Unfortunately, there weren't any nearby restaurants open so we had to order a ridiculously expensive meal. Here's what we got with our $36 bibimbop. The soup and other banchan were delicious. I'd say this meal was almost worth the money. Haha.
Our friend, Joel, took us out to experience the Korean drinking culture. This is what was brought to the table when we sat down. I was confused by the bowl of ice water. It looked like Jobie's dog bowl! It turned out to be a communal water bowl. Sharing water is kind of strange. But...after a few drinking games, I didn't care. One of the drinks we had was this Korean rice wine called makgeolli (I'm not sure if this is the best spelling.) This was my favorite drink of the evening since it was mixed with Sprite. What can I say...I'm a total lightweight.
One of my favorite meals of the trip was dak kalbi (chicken kalbi.) Everything was cooked at the table in a large pan. There were various vegetables and jjol myun (korean rice noodles) mixed with chicken. I loved the fresh cabbage salad with the apple dressing. My stomach is grumbling just thinking about it!

My second favorite meal was teji kalbi (pork kalbi.) This was our last meal in Korea, and I'm so glad we went there!
Samgyupsal (Korean bacon) at this restaurant was also deliciously scrumptious. I think there's a running theme. We're definitely not vegetarians and love our meat!
Korea had the most creamy and delicious frozen yogurt. I tried a few different places and they were all equally yummy. Mmm! I like my coffee really weak and milky. The lattes I ordered at the Starbucks and Krispie Kreme were the best.


  1. it all looks SO good. it looks like you had a great time in Korea!

  2. YUM... I'm drooling! I think I need to go back and visit soon. Did you get to go to Namdaemun or Dongdaemun to shop?

  3. oh my! i LOVE korean food, so jealous that you got to eat some in seoul!!!!! looks DELISH!!

  4. lucky girl! looks like a yummy trip :-)