Monday, May 24, 2010

Floral Design Studio: Vale of Enna

I got to help Grace, owner of Vale of Enna, this past weekend with setting up for a modern, purple wedding at the ultra-chic InterContinental Hotel at O'Hare. It was really interesting to see what it takes to set up all the floral arrangements for a wedding. A lot of hard work and elbow grease went into it. The end result was well worth it! Everything was absolutely stunning, Grace!
Floral arrangement by Vale of EnnaFloral arrangement by Vale of Enna
Vale of EnnaFloral arrangement by Vale of Enna


  1. oh wow, i think the purple flowers in the tall clear vase are soo lovely!! setting up a wedding is a some hard work, i'm going to help set one up this sunday actually!!

  2. Cindy, thank you so much for working with me this past weekend! You were such a trooper...and never seem fazed by anything! I had a lot of fun getting to know you better! And these photos look really good, I'm totally stealing them from you. =)

  3. beautiful! definitely takes a LOT of work to set up a whole wedding, good thing you were there to help!