Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Recent Project: Save the Date Postcards

Purple has been such a popular color the last couple of years. I went from having one purple top to having to refrain myself from buying yet another purple shirt. Purple has become one of my favorite colors, and a popular wedding color scheme.

Sue & Mike are having a fall wedding this year with purple as their main color. Sue's only request for their Save the Dates was for a clean & modern look. (I love working with laid-back clients!) I was inspired by the 1000 cranes (yes, you read it right...one THOUSAND) Mike diligently folded for his romantic proposal. How sweet was that?! The first design was the one they ended up choosing.
Save the Date postcardSave the Date postcard
Sue + Mike's Save the DateSave the Date postcard


  1. great job! I really like the one with the outlined font. Did you draw those cranes? they are tedious to fold but I can imagine they would be tedious to draw too...

  2. that's such a sweet proposal story! I love the design, very chic!

  3. beautiful... love the origami birds! very original!