Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Designer Diapers?

Did you guys catch that Huggies Jean Diapers commercial last month? Has anyone actually bought them?? Haha...I think it's kind of funny.

At Target, I noticed there was a new line of designer diapers by Cynthia Rowley. Now these are cute! Are the mommies out there into designer diapers?


  1. at first, i thought this was the smartest idea! but then i realized my baby's diaper is covered 99% of the time. :)

  2. i wished they had these when my son was still in diapers! too cute!

  3. The parents who pay a premium for these things give a whole new meaning to the term “disposable income.”

    You just know that Ralph Lauren is getting ready to put little polo players on a diaper and that the competitors on Project Runway are about to get a really gross challenge:

    Tim: Okay, designers. Make it wee wee.
    Heidi: One day it’s in, next day it’s out.

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