Thursday, September 9, 2010

Recent Project: Cherry Blossom Invitation

jeCherry Blossom Wedding Invitation

Cherry Blossom Wedding Invitation

I designed Sue & Mike's fun + playful Save the Date postcards that were inspired by their proposal. For their invitations, Sue wanted them to have a different feel. She requested that they have a floral motif with an elegant & sophisticated flair. After a couple different design concepts, this was the finished product. Voila! These invitations were printed on Paper Source Stardream note cards in Opal and mounted on Beet colored cards.


  1. very there a slight purple dye in the paper too?

  2. beautiful! love the script font -- what is it?

  3. Thanks, guys!!

    Judy -- not quite sure what you mean. The paper the invite was printed on is like a champagne purple tint. Does it look purple-ish to you? I may have made the photo a little too red when I touched it up. :o/

  4. so pretty. you are so talented.