Friday, June 5, 2009

Balloons + Umbrellas = Fun Photos

I didn't start seeing photos with fun props until maybe a month ago. What a BRILLIANT and fun idea!! The first photos I saw were from Candice Stringham. She has a love for umbrellas, so she planned this photoshoot on the Brooklyn Bridge. I love how the models look like they're really flying away. She also had a shoot with a bouquet of big, red balloons. The bright red really pops in the picture.

Candice Stringham

I've been seeing a lot of balloons pop up in engagement sessions now. They add a bit of fun and whimsy to the photos. I *heart* this photo of my cousin-in-law and her hubby by Ben Pancoast. He's such a great photographer and a truly nice guy.

ben pancoastHere's a picture of Ben in action. The bride and BMs were getting ready for the wedding at my house. It was really fun watching the girls get ready and seeing the photographer get his shots.

Here are some other balloon photos I found. I just had to add the picture with the red, hot shoes. I'm all about bright, vibrant colors!

Caroline Tran

Jessica Johnston

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