Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Congratulations, Christine + Will!

Although the weather outside was damp and dreary, everybody was
all smiles inside. Christine looked stunning in her gown. Nkaujlis (pronounced Gow-lee) did a fabulous job on all the girls' hair and makeup. The reception hall was gorgeous. My pictures definitely didn't capture the beautiful setting. *sigh* I'm still working on my photographing skills....

I loved their table number idea. The numbers corresponded to their age. They were both adorable at age 3. Age 12, on the other hand, was a different story. Awwwkward... ;o)

Oh my...not only did they have a dessert table, they had a table set up with a midnight snack. There were tuna, chicken, and beef burgers with all sorts of different toppings.

The following lovely photos were taken by Joseph Kang. Even though
he was just a guest at the wedding, he couldn't resist busting out the camera. I'm glad he did!


  1. aww thanks, Cindy!! The wedding would NOT have been the same without you! I absolutely love all the work (invitations, map, accomodations inserts, menu, and programs)that you did. Seriously, if anybody is reading this and is thinking about using Cindy for their paper products, DO IT!!!

  2. You did such a good job at capturing Christine's style. When I got the invitation, I thought "that is SO Christine!"

    I agree, the midnight snack of sliders was totally awesome.

  3. Thanks, girls!!

    Christine, if you and T decide to get engaged.... hehe. ;)