Thursday, June 18, 2009

Impressive Packaging

WOW, this is a box of Starbucks coffee?? The packaging design is beautiful! I can't believe it's just a box of coffee.


Naturally Victoria's Secret: I was recently at Victoria's Secret buying a shower gift when my eyes were drawn to this beautiful, new line of body care. The packaging is simple yet sophisticated. It was very tastefully done. Quite the opposite of how the stores were remodeled a couple years ago with all the neon pink lights. That was rather loud and tacky.

Now we can't forget about Target, my favorite store. Their line of cleaning supplies, Method, has great packaging. I was definitely drawn to their products because of the clean and simple design. I'm a sucker for that—what can I say? =)


  1. chia-ying designed one of the these method bottles for target. i can't remember which one.