Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ingenious gloves!

Since I finally joined the smart phone bandwagon, fingerless gloves make so much sense now! But the convertible mitten-gloves I've been seeing the past few winters just doesn't make ANY sense though since the thumbs are still covered. You can't text with those big thumbs! These Anthropologies ones are pretty darn cute though...
Then you have the fingerless glove option where your fingers and thumbs are fully exposed to the elements. Burr...I say. My fingertips are what I need to protect from frostbite. Now that won't work. No siree Bob!
I finally found the best option EVER yesterday. I mean, INGENIOUS! I was getting ready to check out at Target when I quickly scanned the winter accessories section. I must say, they have some cute stuff. Then I found them... These gloves allow you to expose just the index finger and the thumb up to the first knuckle. You just button them back (the picture doesn't show that for some reason.) How simply ingenious is that??


  1. haha i think those gloves are hilarious and ridiculous.

    get these instead, no need to expose any part of your phalanges (however, they are not as cute, though i'm sure there are variations out there)

  2. very cute! I just got a pair of smoker's gloves too.

  3. haha...they have special gloves for the iphone? hilarious.

    what are smoker's gloves??

  4. smoker's gloves:

    actually seems quite handy, maybe i'll try my hand at knitting a pair someday...

  5. haHAha! smokers' gloves. i get it now! I took another look at those target gloves I found. I still think they're so clever. :)