Monday, March 28, 2011

Recent Project: A Peaceful Dragon Birth Announcement

Jaxson's Baby Announcement
Gayle (my favorite client who got me this!) asked me to design a birth announcement for her 2nd son, Jaxson. Baby Jaxon's middle name, Seiryuu, is Japanese for peaceful dragon. Gayle named him that b/c her first son, Peyton, is so noisy! Don't you love names with meanings behind them? (Click here to see Peyton's birthday invitation.)

I had a super busy weekend with planning/hosting my friend's baby shower. I'll be posting pics of the shower soon! Did you do anything fun and exciting this weekend?

**By the way, does anyone know what kind of flowers these are? They're super hardy and long-lasting. My husband got me a bouquet of a variety of flowers for V-day. These white ones lasted over a month!


  1. So cute! I must call you when I have my first child... but that would probably be a while. :)

    Hope next weekend is bit more relaxed for you.

  2. can't wait to see the pics from the shower!!

  3. From this vantage point they look like chrysanthemums.

  4. what an adorable baby :) the flowers look like spider mums to me.

  5. i've said this before but your designs are too cute for words. dragons are awesome :D

  6. Very cute! And I love fresh flowers that last!