Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Buying multiples...

Like Sarah, I also tend to buy multiple colors of the same item of clothing. It's usually tops, but I've also bought 2 different colors of the same pair of shorts...and shoes. Is that so bad? If I find something I like, why not buy another? I found myself doing this today. Haha. I found this striped tank top at the Gap (it actually came with a dark blue flower–which is much cuter.) They were having an awesome buy 1 top, get 1 free sale. How could I not pick up another?? So that was my excuse for buying more than one of the same thing.

Oh, another tank that I've been loving this summer is the Mossimo Long & Lean ribbed tank from (my favorite store) Target. At under $8, how can you resist? I love the length and the stretch in them. I bought one a couple months ago, and then just recently picked up a different color last week. I'll admit my wardrobe needs some more pizazz. Maybe this "problem" is just adding to it?


  1. i'd wear tanks like this if I had arms like these models....sigh

  2. I totally get you! I would buy them in twos as wells and I have never regret it, except I will be honest, they will never come out of the wash the same, one will stretch one way and the other one will stretch out another way. So they never end up the same.

  3. nothing wrong with that! i always get the old navy tanks when they go on super sale. i have like one in every possible color, it's great for layering!!