Sunday, August 23, 2009

Joshua's 3rd Birthday Party

I had a lot of fun making the decorations for my favorite nephew's party. =) His parents supplied the grub and I decorated. Have you ever had Costco's pizzas? Wow, it is REALLY good. Especially the supreme. YUM! Their pizzas are large and only $10!

Joshua couldn't wait to open up his presents. Everytime a guest came in w/ a gift, he would have to be reminded to wait to open them. Once the time came for the presents, he ripped the wrapping little piece by little piece. If it was clothing, he quickly put it down and looked for another gift to open. It was hilarious! At least he doesn't kick the "bad" ones anymore like he did one Christmas. Hahaha...

:: the birthday boy ::
:: sidewalk chalk, bubbles, & Cars tattoos ::

:: outdoor decorations - fabric garland & door sign ::

:: indoor decorations - paper garlands & birthday banner ::


  1. so cute! i saw those paper garlands on design sponge too, pretty! :D

  2. He is adorable! and that party looks divine.

  3. i like your portrait of joshua, very cute.

  4. cute! love the stitched paper garlands. and also the monkey :)