Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A month of eating, Part II

Cho Sun Ok: this is one of my favorite Korean BBQ restaurants. There's usually a line out the door of this small establishment. Luckily, we went early on a weeknight before the rush, so there was no wait! We had to take Cinthia to a Korean restaurant during her visit with us. She loved the food the last time we took her to one. Isn't she so cute? She loved the banchan (small side dishes). The naeng myun (cold buckwheat noodles) completed the meal after devouring a ton of meat.

The Goddess and Grocer: This became the girls and my favorite shop within walking distance of my house. I love their vanilla lattes and super scrumptious Rice Krispy treats. I think we went there 4 times in 2 weeks. You should definitely stop by to grab some. You won't be sorry! They also have really good sandwiches. I loved my Magic Mushroom sandwich (portobello, brie, spinach, and roasted tomatoes.)

Tapas Barcelona
: Jenny and I took Cinthia out for some Spanish tapas one Friday evening. It was my 2nd time there, and it was pretty good. I love how suburban restaurants don't usually have a wait at 9pm. If it was somewhere downtown, I'm sure it would've been a happenin' place.

Urban Belly: This was my 2nd time at this restaurant, and I was disappointed once again. Jenny had heard really great things about this place, so I thought I would give it another shot. But neither of us were very satisfied w/ our noodles. I had #12: the Urbanbelly Ramen. I didn't really like the spices they used in the broth. I can't pinpoint what they used though. The other dish is #15: Rice Cake w/ chicken, mango and Korean chili sauce. The chicken was battered like Tonkatsu (which was pretty yummy), but I think the problem was the broth again. It's too bad.

Sonic: We randomly found this Sonic as we were going to our friend's in the Southern suburbs. You should've seen how excited we were! The closest Sonic to my house is 23 miles away–much too far. We got a Blue Coconut CreamSlush Treat, a Strawberry Limeade smoothie, and chili cheese tots...oh my! What a treat!

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