Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Recent projects: a Korean wedding ceremony

Te + Alex's paebaek was a few weekends ago for about 100 guests (mostly those who couldn't make it to the MN festivities.) So I was given the task of decorating the tent. Of course I wasn't going to just have flowers and balloons! As usual, I had a lot of fun planning the decorations. I illustrated a couple in traditional Korean wedding garb (or hanboks) and went from there. (I wish I was as talented as Amy Atlas or I made a welcome sign for the front door, a fabric banner for the tent, and tags for the flower pot centerpieces.

I must say, finding flowers in late August was a challenge! I deliberated between flowers in vases and potted flowers. I chose the latter b/c I thought it would be the easier and more economical option. But who knew potted flowers came in so many different sizes! I had a hard time finding pots and flowers that fit. It all worked out in the end though.

This little guy's hanbok was my color inspiration. It went perfectly with Te + Alex's purple color theme. He was such a chubster when he was little. This was taken at his 1 year birthday party. He's such a little man now in his blazer and button-down shirt (taken at Te + Alex's paebaek.)

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  1. really great stuff cindy!! looks very professional!