Friday, September 11, 2009

Anybody going?

I've never been to this craft fair before. It sounds like my kind of fair. I might just have to swing by. Has anybody else been to this or will be going this weekend?


  1. WHat?!?!?! u live right there too! This fair is AWESOMEEEEE!!!!! They actually travel and have fairs in Brookyn, San Fran, etc...I went to their last fair here in Wicker Park a few years back. I loved it! They actually have a Renegade Handmade shop right on division too! I WISH I CAN GO!!!!!! DAMN U IOWA!!!!!!!!!

    truly smitten

  2. did you go?? i want to go next year!

  3. yeah, i went with Kyu. he was kind of tired that day, so we didn't get to check out the whole thing. there were a couple booths i liked.