Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Currently admiring...

I don't usually look forward to Fall. I always associate it with chilly weather, rain, wet leaves, and the dreadful winter. But the new clothes and accessories sort of make it better. The change in seasons is inevitable, so I might as well embrace it, right?

I'm sort of warming up to the idea of booties. Aren't these Martin + Osa ones pretty hot? I'm not one to follow a hot least, not right away. It usually takes me a couple seasons to see the appeal. I guess I'm just a little slow when it comes to jumping on the bandwagon. I was the same way w/ Uggs, gladiators, and leggings. Speaking of leggings, these M+O cigarette pants look like leggings, but they're actually pants. How brilliant! You can get the comfort and look of leggings, but you don't have to hide your booty with a long top.

My hunt for the perfect flat boot is still going. I found this lovely pair at JCrew. They're actually the perfect height on my legs and the calf fits! Can it be that the hunt is over?? I also saw a really lovely patent leather, black tote at the store. Sadly, it's not on their website yet for me to share. It's the same size and shape as the one below though.


  1. ooh... I've been looking for a pair of boots too... these look perfect!

  2. I think I got self image isuess, because I would not wear skinny pants, they make my butt look even bigger than they really are :( I know how tough it is finding the perfect pair of boots. I finally found the perfect pair of 3 inch black leather boots from Nine West two years ago. It took me 7 years to find that baby!