Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Eating our way around LA (Part I)

Kyu and I were really excited to eat some good food in LA last weekend. Because, you know, LA has better Asian food than Chicago. Plus, they have better fro-yo. I'll get into that later. Anyway, Roscoe's was our first stop for lunch.

After Kyu's first bite, he gave an enthusiastic thumbs up on his fried chicken. I don't know why, but I never order the right dishes when I eat. Well, this time I should've just listened to the waitress' recommendations instead of getting the first thing that caught my eye—fried chicken in gravy + biscuits + grits. The grits caught my eye. Haha. My dish wasn't so bad though. The onion gravy was delicious and the chicken was actually still crispy. When I think about it, I liked my dish better. The syrup for the waffles was a little too sweet for my taste.

Our next stop was Musha Restaurant for some Japanese food. I really enjoyed the pork belly with the potatoes and egg. You know how I looove pork belly. We also had the mackeral which the waiter seared at the table. It was cool to watch, but I forgot how fishy mackeral can be when it's raw or not fully cooked. The center of this was still a bit raw. Ick...fishy! Jason loved it though. He basically ate the whole fish himself! I loved the rice cakes that came w/ the tuna tartare. Yum! (Forgive me. I forgot to take pictures of the food, so I grabbed these from Yelp.)
Afterwards, we walked around the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. There are always a bunch of street performers there. We caught the start of the cutest dog show! The English bulldog was my favorite!
Wow, Pinkberry was DELICIOUS! It was super creamy and smooth. Waaay better than Red Mango. I've noticed that this past year RM's been tasting a bit like chemicals or something. The taste is just off. I had really low expectations for Pinkberry b/c I heard that theirs is more tart like Berry Chill (which I don't really like.) I'm glad they were wrong. Mmmm....Judy, can you fly me over some of that deliciousness??


  1. Complimenti è un ottimo blog l'ho già inserito nei miei preferiti.

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  2. yummmmmm! i love roscoe's fried chicken. larry got it with gravy too and we were both shocked that the skin was still crisp. i also love pinkberry more than red mango. more food pix!!

  3. Man! I am sooo jealous! I LOVE PINKBERRIES! Although, did you get a chance to go see Ta Buo Mu? They live there too! I LOVE LA, I LOVE LA!