Thursday, September 17, 2009

No-tape wrapping

Hmm...this sounds purely ingenious! I'm going to have to give this a try the next time I need to wrap a gift. See directions below...

"This super easy wrap is based on a Japanese technique used to wrap kimonos. It works well on soft items and in this case, books.

With the decorative side of the paper facing up, take one edge and fold 1” – 2” towards the opposite side to create a hem. Flip paper over (so the decorative side faces down) and lay the item on the paper. Be sure to leave a good amount of extra paper on sides of your item. Fold un-hemmed side of paper over the item; fold hemmed side over item (the hem can be centered or not). Push in the centers of the excess paper on sides to create triangles (see photo). Fold triangles underneath item. These are purposely left longer so that there is plenty of surface to tie the ribbon over. While holding the folds in place, wrap ribbon or twine many times around package and tie. Repeat on other side. This wrapping technique makes it easy for the recipient to open, and because there isn’t any tape, the paper is in good enough condition to reuse as well!" —Paper Source

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