Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vintage TV Costume Party

I know it's a little late to be thinking about Halloween, but I just saw this on the Blonde Designs blog. I think this is a seriously clever theme party! I'm gonna have to keep this in mind for future Halloweens. My friends don't really dress up, but if I have a party theme, they're gonna have to! Hehe. How fun!

[Gilligan's Island cast]

If you've been to a theme party, what was it and what was your favorite?


  1. this is so great! love the costumes :)

  2. Awesome! I'd love to go to a LOST theme party.

  3. this is hilarious! we recently hosted a mad men themed party for the season finale - the only thing missing was don draper himself :)

  4. You bet it is! Not only is it clever, it's also one of the easiest and most fun themes for a party. Well, for me and my wife it is. We have a lot of vintage costumes and New Born Free wigs in stock, so we're always invited to costume parties. Sometimes, people even ask us to organize it for them. It has become a career in our neighborhood, to be honest. Ha ha!