Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Currently Searching For: Fingerless Gloves & Convertible Mittens

My search for the perfect gloves continues. I totally should've gotten the ingenious Target gloves I saw last year! The pointer finger and thumbs folded back so you can use your smart phone w/o freezing your hands! I haven't been able to find any like that yet. :( Nordstrom Rack did have fleece gloves that had a mesh fabric on the fingertips of the pointer finger and thumb though. But they weren't so cute.

[image via Purl Bee]

Do you know where I can find some cute gloves that will enable me to use my phone while keeping my fingers warm?


  1. I know these don't give you the option to cover your fingers but I think they're super cute:

    Hope that helps!

  2. Ooh. Hubby bought me the ones with little circle plastic-like dots on the fingertips - not sure what they r called. Not very fashionable but works great for iPhones. Happy glove shopping. :)