Friday, November 19, 2010

A Weekend of Eating in NYC: Part I

The husband & I have been talking about visiting NYC again for months. We finally made our way there last weekend, and we ate our way around Manhattan. Gosh, there are still so many other places I want to try. I guess that means I'll have to go back!

Mad for Chicken had the most delicious, double-fried Korean chicken wings. They were tasty and crispy...even the next day!

We had breakfast at Penelope's, a quaint, little restaurant near my SIL's apartment. Our dishes were yummy! Then off to Soho we went for some shopping.

We took a shopping break and got a snack (or two...or three.) We were SO looking forward to eating the elotes at Cafe Habana again. We went there before a few years ago on our first visit to NYC, and have been dreaming about the corn ever since then!

Mmm...rice pudding at Rice to Riches. We had the vanilla pudding. Absolutely heavenly. Pricey though.

Since our stomachs weren't stuffed to the max yet, we stopped by my SIL's favorite taco place, La Esquina, for some scrumptious tacos. The steak taco was my favorite.

As you can see, we seriously ate all weekend long. The day wasn't over yet either! I still have dinner#1 and dinner #2 to show you from that same day! I'll continue with more pics from our trip soon.


  1. LOVE la esquina and cafe habana - i'll have to check out that fried chicken place! yum yum

  2. I just showed my bf your post and he's super mad at me, lol!

    He wanted the corn so bad as well as the rice to riches pudding but I convinced him to not to stuff he's in deep regret.

    Oohmygod that mad for chicken looks SO good. I went to NY with just a few thigns on my list....bonchon chicken, ramen, and soup dumplings...but for the life of my I couldn't remember what one of them was and now I know I forgot bonchon chicken. Tear : (

  3. Yummy, it all looks so good! I just love vacation eats! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting the other day. So happy to have you by!

  4. I wish I had seen this post before this past weekend- those Korean chicken wings are making my mouth water! My H and I popped in for a mere 24 hours and managed to eat at 5 different restaurants!!!

  5. thanks for stopping by my blog! your weekend recap looks amazing. i'm drooling over all those food, especially those chicken wings!